Online Fashion Jewellery Shop in India

BlingVine is an online store for premium quality fashion jewelry in India. Your onestop spot for that newest and choicest trend jewellery or jewellery. We handpick our pieces over the globe all from the best companies. End and we make an effort to obtain the greatest designs while maintaining a quality. All BlingVine types are manufactured in class operations with top-quality substance and best. The usual style jewelry available in the marketplace lasts not considerably longer than our diamond pieces.

Why BlingVine?

Two causes that are small -

Top-quality manufacturing
Latest models that are Lavish
Our designs are straightforward and elegant using a splash of glamor. We realize the ambitions of modern girls. We realize their desire to stand-out within the herd in a way that is sophisticated. We're contemporary, having a perspective of history!

We recognize that every lady is unique. So by keeping our selection latest we want to maintain a way of exclusivity. In a nutshell, our beloved blings will provide you with a style of luxury. A luxury that's exceptionally affordable. This may retain drawing one to BlingVine again and again.


We’re generally positioned Asia’s world-city, in Hong Kong! That’s why we're always-on the top of latest trends. Hong Kong's simple connectivity assists us to dispatch products at a fantastic pace.

In India, our factory is located in Chandigarh. This can help to facilitate shipping to our Indian clients.

What is fashion diamond?

Fashion jewelry or imitation diamond means jewelry manufactured from resources that aren't gold and silver or authentic diamonds or gemstones. But typical style jewelry has a tendency to diminish or flip dark in a few uses. Exactly where BlingVine jewelry differs this is. We use method and exceedingly highquality plating consequently our jewelry continues considerably longer. Sometimes additionally it is, while the plating is performed with platinum called one gram gold jewellery.

What is one gram silver jewellery?

1 gram platinum jewelry is style jewelry with premium quality silver plating. This plating is normally with 18 K gold. One gold-plated jewelry lasts longer than the silver polish that was common. It may last a very very long time with care that is excellent. Occasionally it extends to a couple of years likewise. The plating may be in yellow gold, flower gold, classic gold or even white gold colors.

The components we use for the Jewelry

Our jewelry items utilize premium quality gems such as Swarovski factors. We also utilize spectacular components including enamel sea-shell, kundan & polki and many more. These aspects make them appear magnificent and exquisite.

We source our jewelry from throughout the planet. This makes sure that our models are aimed with the global jewelry trends. We also keep a detailed eye on Indian suppliers & developments. We often visit cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kerala, Bangalore, Coimbatore. These towns are the key locations in India for just one g gold jewelry, fashion jewellery or imitation diamond manufacturing.

We ensure our suppliers employ high quality electro plating process. Plating is performed with gold or 18k gold. This makes their luster is retained by our jewelry items for long. So that the finish of the products is sleek, we ensure 360-degrees of polishing and farming.

You can also examine the facts of things found in every product about the item page itself.

BlingVine Series

BlingVine supplies a wide selection of jewelry collections. Our libraries incorporate one gram gold-plated necklace packages, head cuffs, danglers, hoop earrings, studs, long earrings, statement necklaces, chokers, pendants, bracelets, rings, head cuffs. We're shortly presenting a custom bridal selection and a temple jewelry collection also.

The types are contemporary but with classic Indian sensibilities. This makes them perfect for today's Indian lady. As well as the cost you obtain these incredible items is merely the cherry on top!

Outlets that are real

We don’t have any bodily retailers however, right now we just work through this site.